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Practice Your SQL Queries

Welcome to Hands-On SQL, where you can play around with the tables in Head First SQL.

This site is divided into two sections: SELECT-only queries and Read/Write queries. Check out this page for an explanation of how they work.

Try it!

You can run SELECT-only queries against the tables from Head First SQL here. Just enter your queries in the box and hit the button; your results will display below!

Tables include: boys car_table clown_info cookie_sales doughnut_ratings drink_info easy_drinks fish_info fish_records girls hooptie movie_table my_contacts one projekts store_info store_inventory toy_ids toy_info toy_other toys your_table


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SQL HacksThis interface was written by Andrew Cumming, author of SQL Hacks. For more SQL practice, check out his SQLzoo.net site.