Hands On SQL

Page 1: DESC and INSERT

Here's the my_contacts table from Chapter 1:

last_name first_name email gender birthday profession location status interests seeking
Anderson Jillian jill_anderson@ breakneckpizza.com F 1980-09-05 Technical Writer Palo Alto, CA single kayaking, reptiles relationship, friends
Kenton Leo lkenton@starbuzzcoffee.com M 1974-01-10 Manager San Francisco, CA divorced women women to date
McGavin Darrin captainlove@headfirsttheater.com M 1966-01-23 Cruise Ship Captain San Diego, CA single sailing, fishing, yachting women for casual relationships
Franklin Joe joe_franklin@leapinlimos.com M 1977-04-28 Software Sales Dallas, TX married fishing, drinking new job
Hamilton Jamie dontbother@starbuzzcoffee.com F 1964-09-10 System Administrator Princeton, NJ married RPG nothing
Chevrolet Maurice bookman4u@objectville.net M 1962-07-01 Bookshop Owner Mountain View, CA married collecting books, scuba diving friends
Kroger Renee poorrenee@mightygumball.net F 1976-12-03 Unemployed San Francisco, CA divorced cooking employment
Mendoza Angelina angelina@starbuzzcoffee.com F 1979-08-19 UNIX Sysadmin San Francisco, CA married acting, dancing new job
Murphy Donald padraic@tikibeanlounge.com M 1967-01-23 Programmer New York City, NY committed relationsh RPG, anime friends
Spatner John jpoet@objectville.net M 1963-04-18 Salesman Woodstock, NY married poetry, screenwriting nothing

Try showing the table structure with DESC (page 27):


Add more data with INSERT (page 37). We'll get you started, but you should add the VALUES.

Make up your own person to add, since Jillian Anderson is already in there.


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